Saturday, December 14, 2013

2016 BMW X2 Crossover Will Be Released With Three-Door Coupe

2016 BMW X2 Spy Shots

2016 BMW X2 Crossover will be released with three-door coupe and four seats. Some rumors said that it will be revealed in end of 2016 in US market as new UKL front-wheel drive platform that combines X and Z model with stylish trims on its aggressive lines. This car will be tough competitor to Audi Q3. It is also known as other international name, F47.

There are many spy shots that offer rendering pictures of this new SUV model car so we know how it will look like. Some rumors said the power-trains will be offered into two choices: FWD and AWD. But I guess it will be front-wheel drive car. There is no official confirmation how much the price will be. Autobild, famous Germany auto magazine revealed that it will start from 300,000 Euros. I convince it will be luxury family car with great performance and comfortable driving.

2016 BMW X2 Rendering Picture

There will be also slightly modification on engine which will embody 1.5-liter Twin-Power Turbo three-cylinder engine that can deliver 135 BHP of power and torque for about 199 lb-ft. It has awesome top speed and mileage as crossover. The diesel engine is also offered with power of 184 hp. This automaker also focuses on production M8 and X1.


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