Saturday, December 14, 2013

2016 BMW 5-Series Will Be Released With New Changes and Design

2016 BMW 5-Series New Changes

Many auto enthusiasts are curious on new prototype of 2016 BMW 5-Series. The 7th generation will be released with new design and changes on its engine and features. There are many spy shots and rendering pictures online that revealed initial look of this car with help of computer simulation.

Some rumors stated that BMW will offer it with three choices of longitudinally engines and powertrains. The options reported will be petrol, hybrid and diesel engines with planning of 4 or 6-cylinder engine. But in other rumor, it is said that this next car will use 3-cylinder direct injection engine and combine it with plug-in hybrid system for better emission capability.

This automaker said the new BMW 5 series will adopt luxury design based on concept of Gran Lusso Coupe which was introduced in such auto show in April 2013. It will be known as luxury class vehicle with OKL platform.

The major changes are also on its weight, like 7-series. By using composite carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, this car will be lighter and better strength. The new features will be added to improve safety, body trims, emissions and fuel economy. The power is claimed to be better by using engine 2 and 3 liter capacity that can deliver 400bhp.

See 2016 BMW 5-Series Spy Shots

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