Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione With Awesome Top Speed on Track

ferrari fxx evoluzione

As high performance sports car in market, Ferrari FXX Evoluzione delivers awesome top speed and gear with excellent specs. By featuring V12 engine, it can deliver power of 860 hp at 9500 rpm so it can take 243mph under 40 seconds. The acceleration in 0-62 mph is 2.5 second.

This race car is launched from 2005 and production was taken until 2008-2009. Compare to previous generation, it produced more power, torque and quick gear transmission changes. Yes, the gearbox was reengineered to get reduction 20 ms/shift as well as exterior design and traction control system that make this car has better aerodynamic speed and you can plug in your iPhone smartphone.

Because it is real race car, many tests were taken including on track, involving 14 gorup test and 14 private challenges. Due to new traction control system, the drivers have 9 different settings so they can have more flexibility to modify the car’s behavior on different situation, even for non professional drivers. It is less invasive and drivers are able to monitor angle of steering and brake-pump pressure. See video of FXX Evoluzione below.

The brake system was also modified with Brembo composite ceramic material on brake pads. For 25% improvement on aerodynamic issues, front spoiler is redesigned along with rear flaps, diffuser and nolder in older to provide reengineered down force. How about the pricing? It is reported that Ferrari FXX Evoluzione was sold at $US 2,090,000 in 2006. It is definitely so expensive as well as Ferrari 458 Speciale. Top speed will be gained with top amounts of bucks, right?

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